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MALO 7'' Single




Almas Fronterizas


    Almas Fronterizas bridges a sound from a diverse sonic-palette of Latin-Soul, Blues, Psychedelia and Indigenous lyricism forming a hard-edged sound coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by cousins Gilberto Rodriguez, Karin Rodriguez and Anthony Sul, their self titled 2015 debut draws on Rock and Native-American musical themes that speak to the members distinct social-political commentary, spanning songs written in English, Ohlone, Spanish and Nahuatl. Their sound is as raw as it is live, becoming a unique voice among their musical contemporaries. 


Almas Fronterizas’ 2016 single Malo b/w El Reventon as well as their forthcoming 2017 self-released Rosa Tropical EP is an evolution of sound and approach as well as San Francisco musical culture, incorporating Afro-Latin rhythmic diversity, hard-edged cumbia, colorful guitar grooves as well as Chicano-Soul sensibilities reminiscent of 70’s Latin-Rock bands like Malo, Sapo and War among others. Expanding the trio, the band now has begun to musically experiment to incorporate conga and brass arrangements in recordings as well as in live performances. Recorded and produced by multiple time Grammy Award Nominee Greg Landau. 




Rosa Tropical

by Almas Fronterizas